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Digital Solutions Provider

Ansys Limited has a proud heritage of design and manufacturing in some of the world’s toughest environments. Over 30 years, our group companies have developed world class-leading expertise in rail, mining, telecoms, defence and online security, helping to build one of South Africa’s most innovative and successful technology providers.Today, the world is digitising, and industrial organisations from all sectors understand that the key to growth lies in the ability to enhance their current infrastructure with the ability to gather, analyse and protect data for maximum business value.

At Ansys Group, our mission is to produce the tools which will help businesses and consumers in Southern Africa and beyond reap the benefits from the digital revolution. We want to make it easy to expand the digital economy, and help to mitigate the risks.From safety and productivity to communications and networking, from the deepest mines to the fastest above-ground transport, Ansys Group’s history makes us uniquely placed to help our clients face this future.

We have helped our clients embrace the Internet of Things (IoT), big data and analytics no matter how extreme the operating conditions. We’ve developed unique expertise in the fields of fibre optic networking, logistics, encryption and, most of all, user friendly design that speaks to a multi-lingual workforce where skills availability is variable.

We’ve proven ourselves in the most difficult circumstances, and we’re able to adapt and develop solutions anywhere.

To bring together all of our Group expertise, we have already invested heavily in research and development and cutting edge Original Design Manufacturing (ODM) facilities, as well as a state-of-the-art testing laboratory for communications equipment. Through these and future investments we are developing core IP for ourselves and our clients, which we supplement by integrating technologies from a range of best-in-breed global partners.

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